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Before, each person at The Center had an email address with a domain of @thecenterforfamilyoutreach.org, now each email address will be the same except the domain has been shortened to @TCFFO.org.

The Center for Family Outreach will no longer be using their @thecenterforfamilyoutreach.org email domain.

For inquiries about The Center, the public can submit a form online to contact The Center at www.thecenterforfamilyoutreach.org/contact.html and Executive Director, Laurie Klith, is reachable at the email address lauriek@tcffo.org.

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We ARE a 501c3 non-profit organization and we rely on the support from our community to greatly fund our organization.

We ask that you give to help us continue to give.

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Download the attached or scroll down to find out more information:

The Center for Family Outreach

Agency Referral Form

Youth Last Name:

First Name:


Parent(s) Name:

Parent(s) Contact Phone Number:

Name of Referring Agency:

Agency Contact Name and Phone #:


7-Week Classes:

Teen Perspectives: Co-ed ages 13-18

This program will explore the dangers of using illegal drugs and alcohol. The class will also address: Life Consequences and the Use, Abuse and Addiction; Facts about Chemical Dependency; the Law when using drugs and alcohol; Taking Risks; Consequences of Using; Alternative Solutions.

·          $52.50/ student for seven (7) weeks of 45 minute classes ($7.50/student/hour)

ABC: Anger, Bullying and Communication. Co-ed ages 13-18

The Anger Management Program provides a structured group format that can be utilized by the majority of young people who receive summons for assault and harassment offenses. It is designed to prevent further law infractions while upholding, and even strengthening, the dignity and self-respect of participants. The primary focus is on anger management and how it affects behavior. The program is designed to help youth participants take responsibility for positive change in their lives by better understanding their own perceptions, attitudes and behavior

·          $52.50/ student for seven (7) weeks of 45 minute classes ($7.50/student/hour)


Young at Heart: Co-ed ages 10-14

This program is instrumental in building character skills so youth are equipped to make important decisions that they may face when entering society at a young age. Topics include behavior, conflict resolution, personal identification and values within today’s culture.

·          $52.50/ student for seven (7) weeks of 45 minute classes ($7.50/student/hour)

Life Skills: Co-ed ages 16-18

This innovative program brings career planning into the here and now, capturing student energy and interest around job development, post-secondary education, and career planning. Youth learn how to develop professional resumes, strategies for filling out job applications, interviewing tips, and career aptitude tests. Youth who are planning on attending post-secondary education programs may work towards completing college applications, researching and applying for student loans, discovering different college majors and minors, etc. 

·          $52.50/ student for seven (7) weeks of 45 minute classes ($7.50/student/hour)

10-Week Classes:

Choices, Challenges, Change: Girls ages 13-15

Ten Specific to girls, this class curriculum includes healthy decision making skills, leadership development, school cliques, cyber bullying and aggression. The class gives young women opportunities to systematically explore why healthy relationships are critical in their lives. In addition, each girl will learn how to focus on her individual needs, understand how to be safe in the world today, and strengthen her relationships with family, peers, community and society to transform the world she will live in.

·          $75.00/ student for ten (10) weeks of 45 minute classes ($7.50/student/hour)


12-Week Classes:

Prevention plus Pathways Class: Boys ages 13-18 and Girls ages 16-18

Prevention plus Pathways is a drug and alcohol education program for youth who require more intensive programming. Interactive instruction to students provides detailed information about the consequences of drug use and provides motivation enhancement strategies (e.g., health as a value). Class structure incorporates the instruction of active listening, effective communication skills, stress management/coping skills, tobacco cessation techniques, self-control, and decision making to counteract risk factors for drug abuse relevant to older teens.

·          $90.00/ student for twelve (12) weeks of 45-minute classes ($7.50/student/hour)


Cognitive Therapy Groups: Co-ed ages 13-18

Group sessions are structured using a problem-solving approach which utilizes cognitive restructuring and social skills intervention. Youth learn basic cognitive skills which enable them to look at their thinking, beliefs, attitudes and values, and identify errors allowing for positive cognitive restructuring.

·          $150.00/ student for ten (10) weeks for 1 hour long classes of group therapy ($15.00/student/hour)

Enrichment and GED:

Enrichment - Focus on Art:

Each group includes 10 students, and meets one time per week, for 3 hours. Artistic projects such as painting, sculpting, and tile-making enable students to express themselves, and provides a creative outlet to build self-esteem and confidence in youth.

·          $22.50/ student per week ($7.50/student/hour)


Alternative Learning- GED Preparation and Testing:

Each group includes 8 students, and will meet two times per week for 2 hours. The Center’s GED program provides the preparation necessary to achieve a high school equivalency diploma. Students are assessed in math, science, reading, writing, and social studies. Each exam is approximately 70 minutes. Youth results are evaluated, and lesson plans are based on individual need.

·          $30.00/ student per week ($7.50/student/hour) with a one-time fee of $50.00 for educational evaluation


The Center for Family Outreach


Youth Statement Agreement

  1. Confidentiality --I agree to keep what is discussed in the class to myself. This means that I don’t repeat what someone says without their permission, even to other class members, outside of class.
  1. No putdowns--I agree not to put down, make fun of, minimize or verbally attack other class members. Also, I will not put myself down by saying things such as, “Well, this probably isn’t important, but….” Or, “This may sound stupid, but”
  1. Respecting feelings--Everyone in class will sometimes feel hurt, sad, bored, excited, happy, or angry. These feelings are part of the healing and change process. I agree to respect my feelings and the feelings of other class members.
  1. The right to let it stand--I have the right to say what I want in the group without having it debated, denied, or verbally attacked- or agreed with or supported. It gets to stand alone on its own, without being taken over by someone.
  1. Listening--I agree to listen with full attention and respect to others in the class, and I expect that others in the group will listen to me in the same way. This almost always means that only one person talks at a time without interruptions.
  1. “I” Statements--I agree to speak from my own experiences—I will not speak for others unless asked to. This means I will use the word “I” in place of words you, we, or they. It will help me speak about what is true for me and keep me close to how I feel.
  1. Work to make it work--I agree to do my part in making the class work, trying out the activities, and participating as much as I can. I don’t have to agree with or accept everything, but I’ll give it a try.
  1. No alcohol or other drugs--I understand that The Center has a strict NO TOLERANCE policy for the use of alcohol and/or drugs, and I will not engage in the use of illegal substances while at The Center.
  1. Commitment--I agree to participate in all scheduled sessions of classes. If I am not able to attend a class, I will inform the instructor in advance.
  1. No cell phones in class--The cell phones are to be shut off and placed in purse or pocket. If it becomes an issue you will be asked to leave it at home.
  1. Absolutely NO SMOKING anywhere within four blocks of The Center, which includes alleys and surrounding area businesses. If you do smoke, you will be assigned community service or a summons for smoking, no exceptions!!!
I promise to honor all of the above agreements:

Student Signature: _________________________________________   
Date: __________________

The Center for Family Outreach


Liability Waiver

To be completed by the youth
  • I agree to attend Center classes and complete all assigned hours.
  • I will arrive on time, in appropriate attire, and remain on task until the scheduled release time. If I am late, I understand that I will not receive credit for the day.
  • I am responsible for having my referring agency Case Manager/Probation Officer contact The Center in advance, if I am unable to attend an assigned class.
  • I will respect and cooperate with other clients, workers, customers, and supervisors.
  • I understand that horseplay, fighting, smoking, use of drugs and/or alcohol, vulgar language, and illegal activity will not be tolerated.
·         I agree to have my cell phone turned off and put away while in class

·         I understand that there will be NO smoking on grounds whatsoever ( it’s illegal)

·         I will arrive with a positive attitude and willingness to work.  If I am disrespectful, rude, unwilling to participate, or refuse to listen to Center staff members, my parent’s will be called immediately and I will be sent home for the remainder of the day.  

  • I understand that I must find my own transportation to and from The Center and/or to designated locations in the community. Center staff is not responsible for waiting with me if my ride is late, so it is important that I am picked up ON TIME. 
  • *Attire must be weather appropriate. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can get dirty, closed-toed shoes, and if it’s cold or snowing please wear a winter coat, boots, hat and gloves. no gang attire (red, blue, brown; 13 insignia or ICP clothing)

I hereby release, indemnify, and hold harmless The Center for Family Outreach, their officers, directors, employees, interns, representatives, and assigns, and all persons conducting directly and indirectly, the activities surrounding my involvement as a client from any and all claims, rights, demands, actions, causes of action, expenses and damages, which I or my heirs, personal representative, successors, assigns or anyone claiming by through or under me ever had, now have, or may have against the parties identified above arising from injury, act or omission relating in the way to my participation as a client.

Client Signature/Date:                           _____________________________________________________________

Parent Signature/Date:                         _____________________________________________________________

Referring Agency Signature/Date:    _____________________________________________________________

The Center for Family Outreach


Referral Process

  • The Agency Referral form, Student Agreement, and Youth/Parent Liability Waiver must be completed by the supervising agency before enrollment process can begin.
  • Forms can then be emailed to Mary Wilson at Maryw@thecenterforfamilyoutreach.org or faxed to 970-495-0114. The youth will then be placed in appropriate classes based on space and availability. This process will allow for a single point of entry allowing quality assurance in maintaining manageable class sizes, sharing referral information with Center class instructors, and invoicing for class completion.
  • Case managers/class instructors will call the supervising agency to inform them of start and end dates for clients once the youth is placed in the class.
  •  The case manager/instructor will be responsible for calling the supervising agency if the client is absent or disruptive in class.
  • One excused absence is allowed during the 7-week class, and two excused absences are allowed in the 10-week and 12-week classes. Unexcused absences and lack of attendance may result in termination from the program.
  • Students participating in classes and their parents will be required to sign a waiver releasing The Center of all personal liability issues and/or property damage and agree to indemnify full the Center, agents, volunteers, and assistant on account of any such claim.
  • Students enrolled in programs at The Center must provide their own transportation to and from The Center.
Class Schedule – Aug – Dec 2011 (see attached document for listing)

Check out our brand new Parents Forum!

We have created a place for parents to come and discuss family-related issues, offer advice, ask questions and provide encouragement to one another.

The forum is open to anyone and can be logged into using a Weebly account, a social networking account or you can create a new log-in if you prefer to be anonymous. Our forum is monitored by the staff of The Center for Family Outreach as well as Tom Kowalski.

Tom Kowalski is a therapist in the Fort Collins/Loveland area.  He was a school counselor for 25 years and is now in private practice.  Tom's focus is on the mental health of adolescents and their families.  He uses a variety of techniques to empower his clients toward change and sustainable happiness.

If you have questions that you want to ask Tom directly, please "Contact Tom" and he will get back to you. Although nothing takes the place of good family therapy, we intend to offer some ideas for parents and to investigate some general themes. 

Please realize that the comments presented here are to stimulate the thinking processes of parents.  Any liablility on the part of Tom Kowalski or the Center is hereby waived.

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